Creating Your Own Music-Themed Room

As they say, “music is the window to the soul.”

What better way to let everyone see this passion of yours by creating your own music-themed room?

Here are some tips and D.I.Y. ideas:

  • Just choose one. When it comes to music genre, that is. Will it be rock-themed or pop-themed? Jazz-themed or classical-themed? This is for you to easily gather the pieces you’ll need for decorating your room, as well as for these pieces to come together and to accentuate the said place beautifully.

piano and music sheet

  • Go for closely related pieces to your chosen music genre. If you’ve chosen a rock theme, you can go for pieces such as/or anything with electric guitars, ripped jeans, dark sunglasses, vinyl records, etc. on it. For a classical theme, you can go for pieces such as/or anything with violins, pianos, music sheets, ballet shoes, etc. on it.
  • Make a stage in one corner. For your room to be more “musically themed,” why not make a stage in one corner? It can be somewhere you can put your instruments on or where you can sing or dance on whenever you feel like it? Just remember to be careful when using tools such as hardwood, plywood, saw, hammer, and nails to prevent accidents and injuries.

Click here to learn more about the right kind of saw to use.

music notes

  • Paint the walls yourself. Part of the fun of decorating your room is being able to do what you usually don’t do. So, why not paint the walls yourself this time? Since it will be musically themed, you can paint musical notes or song lyrics all over one wall. You can even go abstract or just paint whatever objects related to music come into mind.
  • Most of all, don’t think of it as just another house project or something that needs to be done. It’s doing what you love and having it seen and understood by those around you. Even more so, nothing beats having something you truly love becoming the first thing you’ll get see as you wake up in the morning.

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Have fun creating your own music-themed room!

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