Becoming a Singer – Why It’s Easier than You Might Think


The technical aspect of singing can be an intimidating factor for some people who may be interesting in becoming a singer. Whatever your goal may be, singing is first and foremost a pleasurable activity. Lack of talent or ability, self-perceived or otherwise, should not be a reason to stop yourself from giving it a try. Who knows, over time, you may even develop a knack for it. But first, you have to start somewhere. Here is how learning to sing may not be as complicated as you might think.

Don’t let the technical jargon stop you

If you want to learn to sing, don’t let the technical jargon stop you. You may come across music terms and theories that may seem way over your head if coming from a non-musical background. But those are things that you can pick up eventually, especially if you want to pursue singing as more than a hobby. It would be impossible to learn the technical side at the get-go. So don’t let what you don’t know hinder you from getting started. Sometimes, all you need is your voice and the time to get started in singing.

Take it slow and gently

Picking up a skill is not comfortable, especially in the beginning. If you want to make it a pleasant experience, avoid putting needless pressure on yourself. Take it slow and be gentle with yourself. Make sure to do your warm-ups and follow suggestions or tips from more experienced singers or vocal coaches.

Keep practicing

Nothing beats practice when learning or honing a new skill. The same principle applies with singing. If you want to develop your singing voice, you have to keep practicing. Consider volunteering in a choir. Or you can join a group of other enthusiasts who get together to sing for fun.

Do it over and over

Sing when you want regardless of your ability. Pursue your interest or passion for singing regardless of how far it will get you. You do it because you enjoy doing. And sometimes, sticking with it can yield results that may be more than what you expected.