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Voice Work


Excellent for informational projects where a calm, clear and measured tone is needed. It has a neutral British English accent, BBC/RP in tone, but can be delivered with a hint of Wales or the North of England.


Hear Voice Examples Profile


"Great work! Very professional and a wonderful voice!"

"Bob was outstanding and provided valuable copywriting assistance as well. Always handy."

"I told Bob before the project ever started that I would be a challenge because I had such specific ideas about how I wanted my script to flow, and he was incredibly patient and accommodating as he worked with me to get it the way I wanted. Great talent with a client-first attitude that made him a pleasure to work with."

"Bob is nearly flawless. His work is excellent, he handles difficult pronunciations like a pro. He is a joy to work with. He was INCREDIBLY quick on his delivery and his svelte British accent made my project perfect. He's also an incredible communicator. He answered my questions straight away even with the time difference and made this SO easy. He is an excellent voice-over artist. His voice is clear, crisp and reliable. Most importantly he does his job very sincerely and your order will be given a lot of importance. I would recommend him to anyone. You will be satisfied. I will definitely work with this guy again and again."